About Us

As long suffering wax melt addicts, we decided to launch our own brand in 2020.

Passionate about creating super cosy vibes, often associated with the later part of the year, we struggled to find the scents we loved all year round! I'm not ashamed to say that I like my house to smell like Halloween/Christmas throught the year!

We also found that some scents were not as natural as we would like, so we have dedicated hours of research into finding and testing the best quality fragrance oils that produce a stunning scent throw - without a synthetic smell.

We are dedicated to designing and creating wax melts that put a smile on your face, taking you to your Happy Place. 

Our Happy Place is "The Cabin" - where you are surrounded by nature and natural things. The wood of the cabin, the pine forest that surrounds it, the rush of the stream after a heavy rain and that feeling of being wrapped up warm, watching the world go by.

Total. Cabin. Vibes