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Each scent is available in varying different shapes depending on availability

Shapes available are:

Stars- 4 star shapes
Hearts - 4 heart shapes
Flowers - 4 flower shapes (varying styles)
Leaves - 4 leaf shapes

Scent List:
Gingerbread Cookie Dough Cream
Freshly rolled Gingerbread Cookie Dough - the fragrance is brought together with cinnamon bark, molasses, sweet vanilla, and just the perfect amount of nutmeg

Spearmint & Eucalyptus
A fresh, invigorating, strong fragrance of spearmint and eucalyptus

Lemon Woods
Crisp juniper, winter mint and a sharp frosted lemon

Rocky Mountain Maple
Sweet and simple, decadent maple syrup!

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
A scrumptious blend of pumpkin waffles and butter with sweet, pure maple syrup and a touches of brown sugar

Brown Sugar Caramel
A beautiful fragrance that starts off with sweet caramel, buttery brown sugar and strawberry. The middle notes of ylang ylang and clove harmonize with delicate florals. Finally bottom notes of cotton candy, musk and warm vanilla

Sweater Weather
A unique, fresh scent that blends crisp juniper berry and sage, fresh eucalyptus, and sage and a tiny bit of woods, sweet spearmint and dew mixed in

The Witch (The Vampire Collection)
A beautiful sweet mix of coconut milk, bergamot, black pepper, cinnamon leaf, jasmine, tonka bean, cypress, cedarwood, and musk

The Cheerleader
Similar to a popular shampoo, a juicy fruity fragrance starting with fresh melon, pear & apple highlighted by a pineapple heart wrapped in raspberry, musk and creamy peach accords

Spiced Vanilla and Tonka
A creamy and indulgent blend of smooth white vanilla, deliciously spicy and rich entwined with sweet decadent amber, a warm base of cedar and velvet musk underpins the blend

Aspen Caramel Woods
A sweet, warm, cosy scent with notes of bergamot, orange, fig leaves & raspberry leading to heart notes of lily of the valley, candy floss, liquorice and strawberry resting on a base of woods, powdery musks, vanilla and caramel

Hamptons Beach House
Aromatic sage and Grapefruit, enriched by Bergamot and Tangerine - with soft florals and warmed by shades of Musk, Ambergris and Cedar wood

Homemade Cornbread
Warm, buttery, homemade Cornbread

A fragrant blend of cream soda, watermelon slices and hubba bubba

Story Time
A woody and musky scent, reminiscent of old book pages

Apple Butter Caramel
McIntosh apple, steamed milk, pure sugar, caramel candy, toffee pudding, apple butter, fresh nutmeg, vanilla bean, and soft musk

White Wood Whispers
A sophisticated yet vividly aromatic blend of pine, tonka bean, cypress and eucalyptus

Cashmere Kisses
A soft creamy fragrance opening up with vanilla and cashmere notes then leading to a heart of frosted clementine and white tea while resting on an amber base with hints of caramel woods